Thursday, 29 May 2008

A Friend Must be True

I need to know if you’re my true friend,will you be by my side until the end?

Can I tell you my secrets deep,and trust them in your heart you’ll keep?

We are neither of us without our flaws,can you accept mine as I will yours?

I’ll be a shoulder to cry on when you’re blue,will you be there for me when I need you?

No matter how busy I will make time for you,if you are busy will you make time for me too?

I will take your hand and comfort your tears,will you hold me and soothe my fears?

I will give you joy and many warm smiles,can we share that even across many miles?

I will not forget what’s important to you,will you remember what’s important to me too?

With you my most favourite things I’ll share,If only I know do you truly care?

If you can accept me as I do you,then I will know you are a friend must be true.

1 comment:

Reina said...

yes ill be by your side every moment and till the end, when you laugh, when u cry and when u laugh again,
ill keep all the secrets in my heart for mine and yours will be always one.
Accepting u as u are is the only reason i loved u and will always do.
when ur blue, white or red, ill be next to u, holding u close when u shout, weep or alone.
because nothing will keep me busy from listenning to u and enjoying ur company and friendship...
ur fears will be diverted to mine, ur sorrows will be shared with me, and together we will make time and space disappear .
So not even millions of miles will make me the warmth of love i carry for u ,
whats important more then little tiny details which make all the difference, like a smile on ur face, a look in ur eyes, and a sparkle of tenderness when ur in love,,
I can only offer u care , love , me and just one million other things ... if it is enough
I will know too dear rachelle, i already do , and im well aware that i love you :)